Where I’ll Be and When It’s Happening


November 20 -22 I’m pleased to announced I was invited back to PhilCon in 2015! This longest held scify/fantasy convention was a delight when I attended in 2013. The panels were the best I’ve ever sat through, as well as those I sat on. I can’t wait to see what they do with my panel/topic questionnaire – who knows what I’ll be chatting about!


My usual January steampunk convention, Her Royal Majesties Steampunk Symposium isn’t happening in 2016. I’ll miss it!

February is my third year attending the UnCon in San Francisco. Strictly for those working in self-publishing, this is a great weekend of smart people helping out other smart people. And me.

No conventions in March, but I will be releasing the entire 5 book series, Irish Magic. Might be in the first week…or the third week. No sure yet.

April will be my busiest month and I have an insane schedule for this one. April 7-10 is Arizona Dreaming, in Phoenix. I so enjoyed Phoenix and the lovely writers/readers I met there in 2015, I couldn’t resist. Even though it meant I would go directly from Phoenix to Las Vegas and the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, running from 12-17th. It’s gonna be crazy, I tell you!

May is the month for two sweet local conventions, BayCon and Clockwork Alchemy, over Memorial Day. San Jose, CA, is a busy city that weekend.

June appears free, so far.

July I will be lurking about the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego. Officially? Not sure yet, but I’ll be in the bar, regardless!


I’m sure more opportunities to meet and greet will come my way in 2016, and in the fall is the InD’Scribe Convention, in Burbank. And ConVolution, in San Francisco…

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