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I’ve gone Indy! As in I independently publish. And my first self-published books continue my passion. To write of pirates.

Forever A Pirate is a thirty book series, all featuring the romance and passions of Jake Reynard, pirate captain and his time traveling witch, Miranda. From the first book, A Caribbean Spell, to the last, The Divine Blossom, this couple experiences more than anyone could be expected to survive. Yet, they do. And thrive!

Every month, a new books will be available on Amazon, and soon, on Apple.

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The Kraken’s Caribbean Series

The Romance Reviews – for the newest of what is out there!

Learn more about my piratepunk world with my podcast interview of The Kraken’s Mirror with Desmond Hassbelow.


Experience the world of The Kraken’s Caribbean.


Reviews for The Kraken’s Mirror

Night Owl Reviews  4 out of 5 stars.

“If you like pirates, and even better, pirates with access to plumbing and plunder,with a dose of fairytale magic, you will enjoy this alternate world romance.”

‎Yummy Men and Kick AssChicks

“There is a charm to this book that drew me in and brought me along on a fun story filled with adventure, magic and of course, romance.”

‎Bitten By Paranormal Romance

What a delightful, remarkable, and unexpectedly peculiar world Ms. Betita has created in her rendering of the 17th century Caribbean. Yes, you will find pirates, but you will also find out-of-place electrical devices, updated plumbing, among other strange oddities.

The style of writing is refreshing as it blends the plain spoken (unrepentantly crude), modern day Emily with the pirate-ese of the regular crew of characters.

I’m not sure if paranormal romance is the correct sub-genre for this book. It does contain a bit of vampires, zombies and werewolves, but I’m more inclined to label this as a sci-fi/fantasy romance. I don’t care what you label it – I label it fantastic!


Reviews for The Chameleon Goggles

The Romance Studio

“This isn’t just Science Fiction or just pirates, this really is a mixture of those with Steampunk as well as Action and Adventure. Did I mention there is also romance involved?”



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