Who is Maureen O. Betita?

author photoWell, I’m a writer living on the central coast of California, specifically the wondrous Monterey Bay. My specialty is romantic adventure stories featuring thoughtful heroines, offbeat heroes and settings that range from the Caribbean Sea to alien worlds. At the core to every story I write is a 2nd chance.

In April of 2007, I nearly died. My heart stopped and only the quick action of my husband saw me wake in a hospital bed days later, alive and completely bewildered as to what had happened. The doctors called it sudden cardiac death. I now have an implanted defibrillator in case it happens again. I was fortunate to survive. In being given a 2nd chance with my life, I dedicated herself to fulfilling the dream of being a published writer.

That dream is presently sailing along, gaining speed and finding the more amiable currents, sweetest winds and best anchorage. An trip full of adventure!

I have no set office, but wander from Starbucks to Starbucks to write amidst the chaos of coffee serving mayhem. Join me on this voyage of creative discovery. Set sail to lands of imaginative adventure, erotic play and rapturous poetry.

Interesting Maureen facts

I earned an Associate of the Arts degree in Language and Literature. It took me 25 years and five junior colleges. But I enjoyed every on and off minute of it.

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