The Hat

I have a love/hate relationship with my hat.


Though…at the heart of our relationship, lies jealousy.

The hat is more famous than I am.

I began wearing the hat for a couple of reasons. I love how it looks on me. I love blinging it up with feathers, and sparklies and buttons. And I write books featuring pirates, so it fits my genre.

It’s been 6 solid years of wearing the hat to romance novel conventions. And, to be truthful, any convention I attend regarding books/authors/reading, etc.

And I’m beginning to feel as if…without the hat I am invisible. And…I don’t think the hat helps me sell books. If I could have a conversation with my hat I think it would go like this…

me – So…hat. We need to talk. You’re not helping me sell books.

hat – But I look fabulous! What are books?

me – Yes, you look fabulous. No argument. Books are the reason you’re here.

hat –  You liked pirates before you started writing…

me – Yes, but I only wore you when we went to the RenFaire. Now, you go everywhere with me. People know you.

hat – I look fabulous, people notice me. They take pictures of me. I won an award at PhilCon!

me – Yes, but they’re supposed to also want pictures of me. And books and autographs… (sigh) Yes, you look fabulous…but focus now! I need to sell books, it’s how I keep you in bling and new feathers!

hat – I like feathers!

me – I like feathers, too. But there will be no more feathers if I don’t sell more books.

hat – (current feathers droop) But…how do I sell books?

And therein lies the dilemma… How does the hat help me sell books?



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  1. LOVED this blog! And I feel your pain! My pink and black cowboy hat made me noticeable in the crowd but when I took it off I went mostly unrecognized. Does it sell books? Maybe not but people will remember you and people tend to buy “authors” rather than individual books. So maybe it helps more than you think.
    Victoria Vane

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