A Sense of Inevitability

Went to the doctor’s office this week. Had a few things to discuss with him…some knee pain, some hand hurts, my meds…and a blood test result from the week before.

(Did you hear the scary music at that last item?)

Evidently, my glucose numbers are high. Not quite high enough to be called a diabetic, but high enough that a near certain prediction is that I will cross that line, sooner or later.


I said goodbye to several favorite food items yesterday. (Oh, I know, I can probably get away with a little now and then.) But for the most part, I’ll be avoiding simple carbohydrates, ie, sugar, chocolate, pastries…you know, the good stuff!

My father was a diabetic, most of his life. And though they won’t put diabetes as a cause of death on the death certificate, we know that is what finally did him in.

I’m setting up an appointment with a nutritionist, upping my exercise, and watch what I ear very carefully. And exploring cookbooks. I can cook. I seldom choose to cook, but I don’t want to follow my dad, so I figure now is as good a time as any to learn how to do some basic stuff.

Anyone out there who has some specially delicious recipes they can toss my way? Specifically for those with diabetes?

Oh, and the knee thing? Probably nothing but a strained something. I’m visiting a physical therapist to see what’s up with that. Same thing with the hand. And the meds are being worked on.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your father. You’re right, diabetes is not usually listed as cause of death, but complications caused by diabetes are many and deadly. 🙁

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