Yup, got a big ole box of swag today. Oh, yeah!

The coolest, I think, are the business card sized magnets… Featuring Mr. Sexy Pirate…

refrig mag

I’m taking a handful of these beauties to Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium, aboard the Queen Mary, later this month…and, the rest? Sigh up for my newsletter and you’ll get a chance to have me mail you one!

What else did I get?

all swag

Let’s see…we got a coffee mug with all 30 of the book covers featured upon it. And there’s the t-shirts and the tote bag…a writing tablet… What fun it will be to give all of these away!

Interested? As I said, sign up for the newsletter! I promise, no bombarding you with stuff…a once a month notice of what is going on with the books, the pirates…maybe even…ME!

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