Sewing … Tomorrow!

Eek! And here I am, two days late on the Tuesday blog and still up, when I need to be up early and head for my sewing class! At least I have done a ton of prep work…for the sewing.

I have been very dilagent! A have the pattern cut out for the white bolero jacket, including the nifty ‘enlarge your sleeve width’ stuff I used from YouTube. The fabric, main and lining, is washed and ironed. This is project #1.

I also have a small side project ready if the jacket leaves me foaming at the mouth at any particular time. It’s a purse. I’m using the absolute neat Cthulhu fabric I ordered from Spoonflower a few months ago. With a striped green lining. All pattern pieces cut and ready for the fabric trimming. This is project #2.

And…I have the pattern pieces all ready for the Halloween wrap dress. (I promise I’ll post pics when I have time… Maybe late tomorrow. This should be an easy pattern, save for the bias tape that will run along the circumference of the entire dress…and it’s a wrap dress, remember, so that is a LOT of bias tape. I will either be friends with bias tape by the time I’m done, or we will never speak to each other again. This is project #3.

I have a fourth one planned… See, I’m attending Arizona Dreamin’ at the end of May and they have a Saturday night award dinner. The theme is come as your favorite character. Of all the characters I’ve written, my fav is Emily, from The Kraken’s Mirror. It took a bit of fiddling to come up with a way to re-create her ball costume. All I need to make is the corset vest, add the 3/4 skirt to the vest, and make a pirate blouse. Big project, but it’s going to look oh-so-Emily! This has several pieces…but it’s going to be fun!

Thank God, I’m heading to my mom’s house after the class finishes and if I am mystified by anything I’m planning, she will help me decipher what muddles me.

There will be pictures…just…it’s too late tonight and I’m wiping out.

Tell me about any new projects you’ve taken on! And forgive me the lateness of this post. I’ve been redoing all 30 covers for Forever A Pirate and it’s been a bit…all encompassing. 😉

Tell you what…sneak preview of the new covers… The redo of #1


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