Sewing Update

The jacket – a work in progress. I’ve managed to sew everything but the sleeves on the exterior part. Next step? To reach the same level with the lining. Lining is scary, I keep putting it off.

I admit that.

Completed projects! Much more exciting… I made myself a purse. All hail the great and terrible Cthulhu purse…cleverly disgusted as a simple black and white damask. HA!photo 1I enjoyed that project so much, I decided to do another. For a friend who loves horses, but wanted a peacock purse. I couldn’t find peacock fabric which wouldn’t have beheaded all the peacocks, so I went with peacock colors in a horse print. She’s thrilled and will get it once I finish ‘fixing’ things that didn’t quite go right.  photo 2a


Next, I have a good friend preparing for a trip to Italy in late May/June. She got her passport, but alas…had no passport holder. (This project was a total bear. Looked easy, wasn’t. I had to simplify it…)photo 1c I ended up moving the notched pocket to the other side. I liked that fabric, so I used a snippet to make a snap 2 Then…I liked it so much, I made a drawstring bag out of it. (She tells me the snap purse is too big, but the drawstring fits her passport perfect-o. Good enough for me. photo 1a

Now, I’m attending the Arizona Dreamin’ Convention at the end of May and wanted something special to give people who come see me at the meet&greets and for those who sit at my table for dinner. So I’m making some pennants. One side is the pirate  phrases and one is the striped. I have labels I’ll be putting on the stripes and all of them will be attached to dowels so they can be waved and admired from afar…photo 2pI had some leftover fabric, so I made the small ones. The big ones are approx. 8 inches long and 4 inches tall. (All hale to stitch-witchery!)

I have a class on this coming Friday. Goal? The jacket. Next goal? Cutting out a wrap dress pattern. But…secret goal… This hat, out of the same white fabric as the jacket. Imagine this hat…covered in pirate accoutrements and you have…another pirate hat for me!photo-2

I’m finding sewing a real haven for when the world is insane or when my brain is just too tied up with emotions and juggling the lists of things-I-need-to-do, NOW.

It’s almost a meditation.

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