Ah, Alaska…

It seems like years since I was there. Amazing how fast the experience of a vacation disppears. I’m ready to leave again, whenever Princess toots her horn.

I’ve cruised a fair amount. Done Mexico a few times, and Cabo San Lucas is delightful. Been to Hawaii and enjoyed ourselves…not the cruise’s fault my ICD fired off two days from California, making my final few days on the ship a bit scary. (Was nothing, just a touch ICD.)

I’ve cruised the Caribbean with my entire family and swimming with the stingrays at the Grand Caymans was awesome! And did a cruise around the Meditterarean, where I fell in love with Gaudi in Barcelona and the peach tea of Katakolon.

But Alaska is something magical. It’s a relaxacruise. Stunning scenary and calm nights. Less shopping frenzy or tourist frenzy… I want to go back. Maybe not right now, as the seasons are turning and I don’t want to be snowbound, but yeah, I’d go again. In a hot second…

Anyone else cruise out there? Have a favorite place? A plan to cruise somewhere special?


  1. Ah, where would I go next? If I can’t return to Alaska, I’d love to do the Caribbean again. And go back to the Meditteranean, oh…and my all time wish list cruise, the western side of South America, down around the horn and up to Buenos Aires.

  2. I never cruised Alaska – my hubby and I would love to. But I did get to spend two months in Cordova, Alaska (about 2 years before the oil spill). I’d love to go back! But for a cruise, I’d pick tropical – Caribbean or Greece.

  3. My husband and I will be cruising this November (right after Thanksgiving – it’s cheap then!), going to Cozumel and the Yukatan penninsula (did I spell that right??). We’ve done the Carribbean several times, too. Would love to do the Alaska cruise (someday, I hope), but my husband would really like to cruise from the east coast to the west coast via the Panama Canal. I could probably be convinced to do that. I just like cruising!

  4. Faith – I have to admit, when it comes to enjoying the sun and lounging, tropical has it over Alaska. But for sheer quiet and awe…hard to beat Alaska. Though I’m sure you felt it when living there. I met a young man who was planning on his first winter in Skagway instead of going south… And I felt an odd sort of envy for him and his wife. Would be such a quiet way to spend the holidays…

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