Over the next week, I’ll post more pics and comments about the Alaskan cruise I just got home from…right now I’m buried in laundry and planning to leave tomorrow for my Mom’s home. She needs me, so I’m off again!

Meanwhile…if you ever have a chance to cruise and must pick one place… Alaska…amazing!


  1. I like to call it home. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I lived in Alaska for a few years. Beautiful state, until the temp drops to 40 below. Then it’s not so beautiful. It’s just freaking COLD! One of these days I want to take an Alaskan cruise, though. I’d like to go back and visit!

  3. Erin – We had a spectacular time, rained in Juneau, drizzled in Ketchikan, but perfect in the Tracy Arm and wondrous in Skagway!

    Stacy! Yeah, one of those places I want to visit many times. In the summer… 😉

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