An Abundance of Ties

Husband cleaned out the closet a few weeks ago. And found his stash of ties. Which he used to wear to work. Now? Well, he hasn’t worn a tie in a few years.

We could donate these ties. But look at them!

Bugs! Tigger! Sails boats! Pepe le Pew! You can’t see ‘em all, but trust me, there are some wonderful ties in this massive stack of ties.

And to be truthful, I really don’t want to just get rid of them. Now, I don’t need any sort of wall art. Or pillows…but I’d love some ideas on what to do with this richness of ties…

So, friends…what do you suggest? I can sew, snip, destroy…in the cause of holding onto these memories. I bought most of them for him. Knowing he needed ties, but wanted more character than a simple nice color… I found one project which turned a tie into a little cell phone carrier…but most of my husband’s ties would be upside down! That won’t do!

Are there patterns? Craft ideas? Help a pirate out!


  1. You should turn them into head bands or scarves and donate them to a children’s hospital. Maybe for the cancer patients to add some fun color and character to their newly bald head.

  2. Make a quilt! I think I’ve seen this done before actually…

    I’ve seen them made into satchels before too.

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