Bag o’ Swag!

Ahoy, mateys!

Get thee to the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research and find somethin’ ta spend yer filthy lucre on!

Books! Author critiques! Trips! Jewels! Fripperies and fropperies! All manner of treasures be there!
Including a particular item from yer favorite writing pirate…ME!

Aye, puttin’ me brain ta work, I dug through me treasure trove and offered up a great big leather satchel…this thing be big, heavy duty, good shoulder strap, nice threatenin’ message embroidered on the flap along with a skull and bones with lit torches.

Here Be Swag!

Here Be Swag!

Then I filled the bag with swag. And I’m still on the lookout fer swag! I gots until June 15 ta cram all I can inta the bag afore it goes ta the winnin’ bid, though the biddin’ closes on May 31st!

Me books, a mini tricorn, a little kraken, sparklies, goodies, provisions, shot glasses…this bag will be full a’ bounty!

Register and bid! The bag be here!

Any ideas a’ what I should include?

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