I really do hate making changes. Well, I hate the advent of changes. I like the results of making changes. Lately, the word change has been my challenge of the millennium.

But I’m still going for it.

I’m pushing myself to blog three days a week. With themes!

Up For Grabs Sunday

Sunday is going to be news and a certain amount of open topic. Might be about books, might be about my books, might be about walking the dog or how much I hate how laundry piles up or how I’m already missing the Borders book chain.


And if you have something you think I should pontificate about, let me know. I’m taking suggestions. And I do reserve Sundays for pictures of my adventures with the many festivals and silly things I do. Photos, love ‘em. They take up so much space! 😉

Tuesday – Adventures with Needles

Yes, I’m going to journal/blog/record my struggle with learning how to sew. I’ve got the first projects picked up, some photos ready. A small space cleared in my craft room…and Brunhilde, the dressmaker dummy is set up.

All you seamstresses out there, be prepared to slap me silly and call me an idiot when I screw something up. Also, please do pat me on the head and rub my belly when I do it right. I’m scared. But determined.

Thursday – The Clutter Wars

One corner at a time. I’ll take a pic of my clutterf*cked house and spend an hour a day on that bit of clutter, and write about it with an updated photo at the end of the week. I’m hoping to clear a corner each week.

Yes, I’m a terrible optimist. (Which sounds a bit oxymoronish, doesn’t it?)

Again, you organized freaks out there…sorry, I’m a bit defensive about how bad the place has gotten…feel free to chip in with advice (which I might take or I might ignore). And slaps alongside the head for being this lazy to let it get this bad and please, some nice shoulder massages for when I get it right…

How can I do this? Write, sew and declutter all in one week? I don’t know. It’s a week-at-a-time project. But I’m going to give it my best shot. While trying to follow a diet, learn how my Kinect works, walk my dog, do my editing chores and look at my yard and dream of actually tackling it also.

I have to take a stand and get to the things I want to do before I’m too old and decrepit to do it.

Who’s with me? And would you like to tackle? Feel free to chip in with your projects… I’ll fire up the blender, if I can find it in my clutterfied kitchen, and we’ll sip daiquiris and moan about it together.


  1. Great ideas! I can relate to the clutter factor. Yesterday I cleaned out the storage shed. Nice pile of trash ready for the dump. It felt good to throw away a box of old remote controls that were in there for the last five years. My ex was a pack rat. Ugh! I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Diana – Yeah, sewing is going to be one of those frustration factors, but it should be restricted to one room. (I hope.) But the clutter factor is one of those deep down in the bones sort of terror…

    I feel a bit like when you look in the mirror and think…”How did I let it get this bad? When did I a)gain all this weight, b)get this old, c)go grey, d)did I really buy this and just wear it to that party?”

    I wish I had a storage shed…sigh…

  3. Love it Maureen! I tackled cleaning two bookcases and blogged about it. Great way to make me stick to the goal. And I like the idea of talking about your craft projects. I have a ton of crochet projects begging for me to return. Kudos also to you for the three themes a week goal.

  4. I’m just hoping the sewing projects will be craft projects and not crap projects… I have a plan…for the blog, the sewing projects, the (*shudder) clutter. Not to mentione editing, walking the dog, writing… Weeeee!

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