Nothing is constant in life, but change. Simply truth. What changes am I talking about?

Well, I’m going Kindle Select with my Caribbean Spell series. The newest book, The French Gambit is starting on Kindle alone, and the first two will reach eligibility in a few weeks. Print will still be available, never fear!

It’s an experiment and we’ll see how it goes!

Meanwhile, the newest book is only 99 cents! Yes, another bit of a different tack…putting the new book on sale and leaving the first two at $3.99… Now, that price won’t last…when the husband and I get back from our trip to Washington DC, toward the end of this month, I’ll be raising that price to match the other two…

The French Gambit, FINAL, med, low res

This cover…gods, isn’t it fabulous!? Big kudos to my cover artist, Maria Zannini of Book Cover Diva for having an eye to finding the right image.

Coming into fall, my favorite time of the year. This is when my inner gardener wakes up. My craft maven registers me for a sewing class, my fitness personal cheers me on… I hope autumn delivers it’s bounty to you!

When I get back, another big announcement coming from me…stay tuned. And…the return of my newsletter, later this month!


  1. Only 99 cents!? Yup!

  2. You are correct, Maria does wonderful covers. Yours included!!

    Do you think Kindle Select will garner you more sales? I still think limiting your distribution is wrong. Guess that’s just the accountant in me! Or the fact I own a Nook and not a Kindle. Good luck with it.

  3. Yeah, Staci, it’s a risk. But at the rate B&N is baling on the Nook and more and more people own Kindles, I have to try. I still have the Nook format available if you’d like one. Email me! And, if at the end of my initial kindle select period, it hasn’t paid off, I’ll get back on the other platforms.

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