Changes in the Wind

Whole lots of stuff going on out there in the world, especially the publishing world. For readers, not sure what you notice, other than there aren’t as many places to buy books as there used to be.

Unless your main mode of reading is an e-reader, in which case, it’s a bit of a free market out there. Prices are good, lots of places to shop at, formats to choose from.

For authors? Well, it’s a crapshoot.

I started out of the gate with great luck. Six contracts in a year. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Then, just that fast, major slow down.

I’ve been bobbing about on the surface for months and months and months. Waiting. Hoping. Listening to the whispers of change, wondering what my best move would be. Uncertain.

And last week, I took my career back into my hands. My agent and I parted ways, amiably. I sent out two queries in two weeks, and have approached a freelance proofreader for an estimate on a self-publishing project.

Little steps, one at a time, steady.

One lesson I learned from my near death experience, take chances.

In the next few weeks, my website will be undergoing a redo in look and flavor. And I’ll keep you all abreast of how the project moves forward. And how those submissions go!

And the convention I’m taking part of over Memorial Weekend, Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose. I’ll also be bopping over to BayCon, a scifi/fantasy con in San Jose. I’ll post pics and hoping to have fun!

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