Office in Transition!

Yeah, honest…this was once an office. It had a real nice computer desk and I did all my homework there…when I was working on my degree in Desktop Publishing. HA! No one calls it that anymore, I know…

And behind the computer desk was a table where I worked on craft things and the rare bit of jewelry work…

Then…well, a lot of things happened in a few years’ time. I didn’t get the degree, one class shy, but honestly, I realized that if I had to deal with customers when designing a website I was toast. And I drifted into a no-active phase of depression, and then dogs died and then the cat and then I nearly died…and well…this room filled up with stuff.

You know, stuff! The items you don’t know where to put but behind a door you can close seems like a good idea?

Until one day you realize the room is filling up and you can’t find anything and gee, it would be nice to have that room back and functional and… And I need an office. I love writing in Starbucks, but my discipline is on the downslide and I need someplace that will help me stay on track.

So, enter Mr. Clutter, a local gentleman who helps people like the DH and I to reclaim our house before it buries us and we’re found clutching old movie ticket stubs, half eaten by rats and home to many organisms detailed in every CSI show out there.

This room will return to my office. And my sewing room and my promotional storage area and research materials room. I think by October we’ll be there. I’m currently looking for a good standing desk, as I need to do something for my back and shoulders and I believe in the studies about how sitting on our asses is killing us… So, I want to stand and write. A few hours a day.

Plus a good spot for the sewing machine, a place to store my patterns and fabrics and the totes that hold my bookmarks, postcards, etc.

I have books to pass on, unused craft items to donate, hobby collections to pack up for storage…cassettes to get rid of…jewelry making tools to see if a friend wants them… And once the office is ready? Time to establish a routine!

Sidenote, while I was out of town on a Mom Mission, Mr. Clutter and my DH worked on the front room, which had taken on the responsibilities of garage, yard sheds and house office. I’m happy to report, it now looks like it still does all those jobs, but in an organized and non-cluttered way! Looking forward to my time with the magicman!

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