Comment of the Week and Week Three Developments!


First, the good news! This week’s winner of the comment of the week is…Celeste Nist! After some time under my steely gaze, she admitted this to me…

He told me not to say anything, but I really want that Betsy Johnson ring.
Sigh. I’m selling him out for jewelry.
The Kraken has been with me at the tattoo shop. He’s always found tattoos fascinating and given his artistic nature, he decided to do an apprenticeship with me.
Now, he’s not that good *yet* but he has a ton of potential and is a very fast learner.
And with all his tentacles, he will be able to do four times the work that a normal tattoo artist can manage.
And I’m pretty sure his specialty will be realistic portraits of underwater life.


As you might guess, Celeste works in a tattoo shop and is a wonderful artist with the needle of pain. What’s she win?

A notebook  with my cover on it! The cover with the tentacle, btw!

Now…Facebook got all legal this week and so I’ve had to redo a few things with the contest. No one must like my FB pages… It would be nice, but it isn’t necessary. I’d still love to see pics or comments on the FB page and – don’t tell FB – but it will count.

Honestly, being the sort of piratepunk person I am it’s tempting to really raise sail, prime my pistol and keep to my course. But I know when I’m outgunned.

So! Enter here! Enter at the guest blogs I’m doing this week…

*whisper* enter on FB

Where will I be this week? All over the place! I’ll be chatting with Ashlynn Monroe at her blogtalk radio internet show this afternoon, Must Love Books, (Sunday)… I’ll be blathering at the Daily Dose of Decadence on Monday, visiting with Castles&Guns on Thursday, doing my normal bit of piracy on The Romance Writers Revenge on Friday and once more take on Decadent on Saturday – There’s a chance to chat with Silvestri on Saturday, as he shanghaied the blog and is attempting to be the voice of reason within this contest.

Come on by any of them! Talk Kraken with me!

And enjoy the cover of the next book in the trilogy, The Chameleon Goggles, coming later this year from Decadent Publishing! Where the kraken returns! Yeah!

Meanwhile, let’s get those entries in! Week three is on! Where do you think the Kraken went?


  1. What a great cover! It has a great steampunk vibe, and I love the tentacle. 🙂 Maybe he can only be on one book at a time? LOL

  2. I should check his contract, Donna…you could be right!

  3. I want a tattoo from the Kraken! 🙂

  4. I know…Aimee…he’d be so fast! And as Terri pointed out on the Revenge, he’d also have a ready supply of his own ink!

  5. Oh I love the new cover! YAY!

    Well, it’s apparent the Kraken has been off playing model for this new cover! I can see him right there in the corner – like a good Kraken should be!

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