Contest! Contest! Contest!

Brought to you by the Kraken Chronicles, all the news Tortuga finds fit to print!

 Holidays on Tortuga are not for the faint of heart! The competition to outshine each other at the big pirate ball, deep inside the Tortuga Grotto, is fierce. Pirates vie for the shiniest jewels, the most elaborate fabrics, the biggest feathers, blackest boots…it’s a sight to see!

In honor of the next few weeks, when the pirates are scavenging the seas, digging up their treasures…and the merchants are praying their cargo makes it so they can actually sell to the pirates. (Because once the ship reaches the harbor, pirates won’t raid it, there be honor among the residents!)

Where was I?

Oh, I’m having a contest for the next three weeks…and I’m giving away this beautiful kraken ornament!

All you have to do to win?

1)     Leave a comment for one entry.

2)     Like my author page on Facebook for another.

3)     Follow me on Twitter for another.

4)     Sign up for my newsletter for another. (See that sign up, over there? On the right, just under the books?)

5)     Comment on any blog I’m visiting during the next three weeks and mention the kraken for another. Where will I be?
December 2, I’m at the Romance Writers Revenge, as 2nd Chance
December 5, I’m at The Romance Reviews
December 9, I’m at the Romance Writers Revenge, as 2nd Chance
December 11, I’m at Dirty Birdies
December 13, I’m at Jessica Subject’s Mark of the Stars Blog
December 16, I’m at the Romance Writers Revenge, as 2nd Chance
December 21, I’m on the 30 Days of Decadence

Wow! Eleven chances! And yes, I’ll trust you to tell me you liked my FB page, follow me on Twitter, etc. I’m a trusting sort!

Now, if you live outside the continental USA…sorry, I’ll be sending you an amazon gift certificate.

Now and then, during the next three weeks, I’ll pick someone to win a book… Yup, it’s the twenty one days to the Pirate Ball!

Now, tell me what color is your kraken?

Don’t forget to leave your e-mail addy!


  1. What color is my kraken? XD Gold, I hope.

  2. Why he’s a nice shade of light green for Christmas, of course! And he’s got on one of those cute little Santa hats, and a matching scarf! Plus he somehow got Christmas lights in the little suckers on his tentacles, so he’s really ready to go for the holidays!

    I like your author page on facebook, and I signed up for your newsletter. Love that ornament it is sooo cute! Where’d you get it from again?

  3. Allison – Gold, eh! I get it! 😉
    AimeeKay – This wonderful store next to one of my affiliate offices (Starbucks) puts together these incredible trees and one is all ocean creature themed!

  4. Oooh! What color is my Kraken? I’ve always thought of it as a darkish purple that fades from black. It would hide so well in the water and look ominous as it rose from the deep to reek havoc! 🙂

  5. Becca – Sounds nice and ominous! Good luck!

  6. Release, the kraken! Who wouldn’t want an ornament like that? Count me in. Did 1-4 I believe.

  7. You know, Ken…does he really need releasing? I mean who realistically holds a kraken back? 😉

  8. What color is my kraken? I think he’s blue. I’m partial to blue, so he must be a really pretty blue…maybe he even glitters. Maybe he’s a Cullen Kraken.

  9. I think that my Kraken would indeed be either a fierce old red or a rousing blue, the cute little bugger. (Yes, I’d actually love a kraken as a pet, so cuddly!) Also, I already followed ya on Facebook, it be how I found this here shiny contest, and I just followed ye on twitter! I’m searchin’ for that final entry requirement of a blog you’re on right now, and if ye be wanting to verify my follow claims the name’s Jacob Savage on both spots!

  10. Hellion – a glittery vampire kraken? Well, why not!

    Jacob – Nice to know those twitter comments are working! Fierce red…I’ve seen some lovelerlee cephalopods in red!

  11. Mine is sapphire blue with gold highlights
    Love the ornament

  12. would love to have the kraken ornament – now what color is my kraken, hmmmmm I would have to say different shades of purple

  13. So many loverly kraken colors!

  14. oooo…I want an ocean themed tree!! That sounds awesome! 😀

  15. This contest has gotten me thinking that I may find some odds and ends of hoses and wood and whip up some Clockwork Kraken, who knows?

  16. Jake – That would be so cool…tentacles made of something all steel and windy…

  17. I think Tortuga needs a BEAD and Bauble store: kraken’s crystal cave….I could not go for the obvious…What do you think, have you got a corner shop with lots of windows to light up the bright and shinies and a good dry basement for the customers who need to stay in the shadows?

  18. Great idea! I’ll have to do some thinking on a good name… And design an add… If only my brain were working better…but I’ll think of something!

  19. I can see my Kraken in his powerful almost glow in the dark moon color with occasional glimpses of electric blue… and you know, I agree with jnine, I would TOTALLY shop at Kraken’s Crystal Cave!!!!

  20. Liked you on FB, & signing up for your newsletter. The Kraken is calling my name! You rock girl!

  21. Lo and behold, I wrote a prescient BLOG ENTRY all about the Kraken…before I even spotted this giveaway. How is that for fortuitous? The Kraken does NOT care for obscenity, evidently:

  22. Jenny…I love a good vulgar kraken story! I’m giving you a bonus entry! Good luck!

  23. The color of my Kraken…Red with bright gold eyes. They would be the first thing ya see when he is near.

    I am signed up for your newsletter, I follow you on fb and twitter. I left a comment for the Pirate Ball.

    Happy Holidays!


  24. Debra! Good luck. Red kraken…loverlee! Good luck!

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