First Week Entries and Winner!


As promised, I have a comment of the week to announce and an award to … uh…award!

I had so many wonderful entries… The speculations have run wild as to where the Kraken slithered off to, missing the photo shoot for my print cover! But I had to go with the entry that was posted on Facebook by T.t. Miller…it came with a picture… 😉


 The Kraken used magic to shift into a tentacled plant to eat this kitty!

 T.t. You have won a bronze tentacle bit of kraken bling!

I’m anxious to see what entries I’ll get this week!

Remember…you can enter multiple times! So, let’s keep it going!

Keep Entering!

To reiterate… Between the electronic edition of The Kraken’s Mirror and the print edition of The Kraken’s Mirror…my kraken disappeared. Now, he’s a responsible beast and I choose to believe he has a reason and a place he was driven to go… (Yes, there was a reason and it wasn’t on purpose…these things happen.)

I’m making the most of a sad situation and having a CONTEST! What am I giving away? 1st prize is a Sony Pocket Reader! 2nd prize is A kick-ass kraken parasol and…a 3rd prize is a Betsy Johnson ‘kraken’ ring! When does the contest run? From May 1st to May 31st! So… Where did the Kraken go?

Here are the options: Where did the Kraken go?

1)      He’s in Scotland, wooing Nessie

2)      He’s outside the Mines of Moria at Gandalf’s request, fighting off the menace in the waters

3)      Sharing rum with the monster in the lake at Hogwarts

4)      ? Your idea?

How to enter the contest?

1)      Comment on my blog at and pick an option, or create your own.

2)      Friend my author page on Facebook, Maureen O. Betita Author and leave a comment, telling me which option you’ve picked, or where you think the Kraken went. Do to FB deciding they don’t like this idea of having contest entries on their pages…don’t enter there. Well, you can make a suggestion and I’ll track it, but it isn’t official. Like my page if you want to…it isn’t a requirement.

3)      Find me on any blog I guest at during the month of May and tell me your option. (Be sure to leave an e-mail address in the comment section.)

I’ll award the three biggies on the 31st…during the month I’ll give away smaller prizes…free books, pirate perch hats and kraken jewelry. Amuse me with clever ideas and you might win something!

Week Two is OPEN!


  1. Maureen.
    I found your Kraken. It is hiding in plain sight in this man’s beard.

    It was right in front of your nose.


  2. And they thought braiding coins into your beard was odd! 😉

  3. I hope that Kraken “better be” in Scotland wooing Nessie 😉 (Or else….)

    I’m a romantic 😉 and hence my choice reflects the same.. there’s nothing more sexier than a man wooing his lady 😉

  4. I like the idea of the Kraken and Nessie… She can cool off his hot blood and he can warm her up from that cold Scottish loch!

  5. I have it from a good source that BP employee’s (especially the suited bigwigs surveying the scene) are being harassed by a tentacled menace that disappers into the waters before it can be really IDed.

  6. *snicker

    Oh, I like that LadyV! I hope he gets hungry and eats them… BWAH HA HA!

  7. I do love the idea of him and Nessie!

    How about the Kracken is off using his magic to clean up all the pollution the Japanese Nuclear Plant is putting into the ocean…

    Or maybe he’s become an elusive star. He can’t take all the papparazzi and fans after being used as the cover model for your cover!

  8. Ah, the shy and retiring kraken, who had no idea how demanding it would be to pose on the cover of a book!

    Brilliant! 😉

  9. I found it here Maureen! It travelled all the way to Vancouver and is relaxing on the beach. This is such a fun contest.

  10. That is really an awesome picture! He may really be in BC…someone else said she saw him off frollicking with dolphins up there yesterday! 😉

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