Future Famous Comic Artist? Doubtful…

I’m returned from a weekend class at my local art league. It was an interesting class, but wow…exhausting. Nope, not jumping jacks or walking or jogging… Drawing comics. I have no real idea why I was wiped out from it. But, honestly, I had a wonderful time.

Will I ever be a famous comic artist? Not a chance in hell, but I hope to prove entertaining and, eventually, to create a few pieces of graphic designs to use on promotional items. You know, a handsome pirate like Alan Silvestri…or a feisty Emily. Maybe Jake and Miranda… Or a flag…a kraken…a ship?

It’s a start, but he’s not quite a finished product. Or close to it.


I do have my alien series…maybe a few aliens?

We’ll see! But big thank you to Brian Boze, who finally got through to me regarding perspective and dimension. Oh! That’s how it works!( I’m multi-dimensionally challenged.)


Watching Brian in action was fascinating. I need to get to more art shows…and buy a few more books on how to draw… And practice, practice, practice!

Are you artistically gifted? Ever taken a class? What works for you?

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