Guess Who Is Sewing Again? Me!

Yup, but…of course, it’s all about stuff for the conventions I attend. Be it romance, scifi/fantasy or steampunk…

Firstly, I’ve been attending assorted cons for…well…ok, decades. And I have a whole lot of badges from them. I recieved my initial fabric badge at a WorldCon, held in San Francisco. And no, I don’t remember the year.

They might be complicated, with pockets at the front, back, a zipper compartment underneath the velcro.


Since then, I sometimes get the fabric ones, sometimes plastic, sometimes…not much more than the pin on your clothes.

Well, I’d like to make sure from now on, that I get one I like. So, I’m going to make myself one. I took my idea to my first sewing class and was advised on how to make the pattern, put in the grommets, what to use around the edge, and to manage the clear pockets.

Next step was more fabric. Because…making one for myself isn’t enough!


Guess which one is mine?

This Friday, I cut them all out, pin them and maybe, start the sewing. Depends on the time. I need to head north, for…another convention.


  1. GREAT fabric! Where did you find such fun patterns?

    And GREAT idea! I’d love to have one (hint, hint). 😉


  2. I found the fabric at stores with rows of quilting fabric. They have everything you can think of!

    I first saw one when I pitched to Heather Osborn when she was still with Tor. She collects owls and someone in her company…it may have been Samhain…made a bunch for people. Heather’s, of course, was owls.

    My skull and crossbone piece of fabric is a hankerchief I found at Michaels.

    The trick is having a clue to what the person would like… What would you like, Auntie?

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