Ideas in Tribute

Somedays, I so miss Judi. I had a day like that today, March 12. Big loss of confidence, fell into an ocean of self-doubt, felt like crying a rive of tears…just big melt down day.

Used to be I could have e-mailed Judi and eventually she’d reply and talk me off the cliff. In my heart, I know she’s still in my heart and her strength, common sense and conviction will always be with me.

Judi was such a dog lover! The second Romantic Times Booklovers Convention I attended was in Orlando. And at one of the large costume events, I created a character I knew she’d adore. I attended as the Fairy Dogmother…a character that looked after all dogs, good and bad. Rewarding those who treated dogs well and punishing those who were cruel.

My friend, Jane, and I walked to Judi’s hotel room to show off our costumes. And she laughed, and smiled and thought for sure I’d win a prize. (Nope, but it was still fun.)

I’ve thought a lot about that evening lately. And about a year ago, I came up with a story to write about that character. Not so silly, more contemporary, romantic and sliding slightly into the paranormal. Much like Judi’s Goddess books did.

On days like this, when I just feel low…I make notes about that book. I’m thinking this year, at my 5th RT, I’m gonna sit down with Judi’s former students and do some plotting work. If this book ever reaches the shelf…it will be for Judi.

Jane and I are bringing buttons to RT, to commemorate Judi. Her favorite saying was “Finish the damn book!”

Well, Judi, I will work on this book, for you, and I will finish it!


  1. That’s one huge doggy bone of motivation you have there, Maureen. Yes, Judi would adore such a story, and I can’t wait to sit down with you and the rest of the Spunkette’s and massage your idea into a fully fledged plot. 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to it, Fe! Since this idea isn’t the total fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants norm for me…I’ll need the help!

  3. Just keep believing in the magic of her spirit. It is all around
    Carrying you through those tuff days! She would be so proud
    I is carrying on her wishes for RT!! I loved when she would tilt her head and
    In her high squeaky voice, with a total look of innocence, she would say “what?”
    Like she had no idea what she said was naughty or bad!

  4. She loved that costume and I know she would love this idea you have too. No one will ever be able to give you what Judi did, but you can email me anytime you want sweetie.

    BTW – if you want some brainstorming help before RT maybe we can do a chat on that once I get it to work right!

  5. Yeah, Jane…with a twinkle in her eye!

    Thanks, Sabrina…Orlando was a very special conference…met you there!

  6. Sure did – so many things about that conference will stay with me. Amazing memories!

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