June? Already?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for June to be here. And actually, according the weather in part of the country, I’m not the only one unprepared. I mean, we had rain last week! I know, not terribly shocking to a great many others, but rain on the cental coast of Califonia in late May is a bit unusual, to say the least. Unless it’s an official El Nino year. And this isn’t.

So, we’re moving toward our normal summer pattern of fog in the morning, clearing in the afternoon, return to fog in the afternoon. Not too bad yet because the furnace of the central valley of California is lagging behind its normal weather. Not that my relatives in the Sacramento area are complaining about not hitting the triple digits yet.

I think the tomato growers aren’t happy. Sorry!

As I mentioned on my home page, I’m buried in edits right now. I swear, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. What’s a few hundred uses of the word ‘was’ between friends? Well, according to my editor, it makes a difference and since she’s the pro and I’m not…I’m working my way through them with a machete and a bad attitude.

But she agrees I tell a good story and what is in the way is…well…just editing stuff! I think I worried her a bit with some of the realism I managed when discussing the childhood trauma of my main character… Am I evil to take delight in that?


Then I’m evil. 😉


  1. Ah, my comment got stolen! I hit “Submit Comment” because I didn’t see Capt Cha lurking underneath. Grr.

    Anyway, I was saying how I’m amazed at how time can go by fast and slow at the same time. It’s mind-boggling that half of this year is gone already. And the weather here has been insane, from tornadoes to 100 degree temps to thunder/lightning and now today it’s rainy and in the 50s and I’m bundled up in a sweatshirt.

    Good luck with your edits!

  2. Aha! I need to switch the capcha thing around!

    Yeah, Donna. It blows me away how varied the weather is around the country…and it’s from such an extreme to an extreme.

    I walked out to my car today after sending off this round of edits and the first impression I had of the outside air and sky? Autumn. I shook me head…nope. Spring. This is one strange year!

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