Living with Bonnie

My dog. What a smart girl! And amusing.

She’s a rescue, we got her a few years ago from the shelter. We were told she was a shepard/pitbull mix. Not sure how much pitbull is really there…I think the shelter simply says pitbull just in case. She does have a broad jaw… But I meet boxer people who think she’s part boxer. Rhodesian Ridgeback people thing she’s part ridge… It’s difficult to say what she is. Though I think the black eyeliner around her eyes spells shepard. And the black tip at her tail… I tell people she used it to pain the eyeliner on…

So, Bonnie! She goes everywhere with me. When the minivan is running smoothly, this is a great life for her. She considers that van her moving kennel. But when the van is frightening me with starts and stutters…I take the Matrix and she has to make due with a crowded back seat. But it’s better than the end-of-the-world that staying at home would mean.

Yup, my co-pilot!

The Matrix has a remote unlock and I hit that button as I approach the car. I might have spent a few hours in my Starbucks, or had lunch or taken in a movie… I hit that button and I see my 50 pound dog rise from the driver’s seat and move to the passenger seat. There’s a big pad in the backseat! But nope, she is curled into this little bucket seat…

Dogs. They are totally beyond understanding!

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  1. They probably do say pitbull if there’s any chance because some people panic over pitbulls. I’m not one of them. I worked at a vet clinic for 4 years and never had a problem with a single pitbull. It’s all about how they’re raised.

    Bonnie looks like a sweetie, and I know what you mean about them choosing odd places to sleep. I have a Great Dane, and she chooses to sleep in positions that can’t possibly be comfortable 🙂

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