Looking for A Pirate…

Okay, crew and loyal readers! I’m working on some shorts I’ll be posting her on the website…exploring the background of the Kraken’s Caribbean…and I’m looking for pirates. Good and bad…

I also want merchants, time travelers… I’m not picky!


I want…

1) a name… pirate or whatever fits the character

2) be this person good or evil?

3) be this person a traveler from other worlds or time, or a resident?

4) what does this person do?

Pirate? Merchant? Tourist?

Let’s have fun with this… I’ll get to work on the story…and there will be more than one. First one will go up on Valentine’s Day…whether it be a love story or not!

Come on, help me populate Tortuga! You’ll get credit…!



  1. 1. Roesia Nimble Quick

    2. Alliance: Chaotic Good

    3. Traveler; Offworld

    4. Entertainer

    5. Fire Performer/Burlesque dancer

  2. And I’m off to write Roesia’s story… 😉

    More? Come on, I have a lot of history to cover!

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