Mail! Untimely!

Timing with buying items on the internet can make all the difference. I placed an order for this lovely lacy bolero a few weeks before the Romance Writers of America National Conference. I admit, I’ve become spoiled and assumed it would arrive before I left for the conference. I…well…sorta counted on it.

Sigh. It’s pretty, right?

Yeah, it got here…the day after I arrived home.

So much for that plan!

I was going to wear this over my black and turquoise dress, sorta counter all that black and emphasize the white feather and octopus on my hat.

The conference was freezing most of the time and as I approached that big awards dinner I was a bit miffed at the jacket never arriving.

Not that lace would have really countered the arctic conditions I encountered most places in that hotel.

Nothing for it, I took my leather jacket. Which was my back-up plan. I got this from my local Macys. A real steal!

No, I didn’t steal it. But I got a great deal on it. Originally $135, I got it for $32… Hee, hee. I love it when I get a good deal. It was on sale, plus I had a coupon! I sorta tittered as I handed over my credit card. Macys does that to me, often.

So, I was ready. I had the jacket.

And the ballroom was actually comfortable. So I ended up with no jacket. And I got home to see my pretty white lace had arrived. Well, I guess I’ll need to plan another outfit for the jacket…though my husband has requested I wear the kraken dress one night on an Alaskan cruise we’re taking next month. We want to get a good pic with it. And I’m taking the perch hat with it…hee, hee!

Hope my siblings will appreciate my outfit. Yup, family cruise time!

In the meantime, I’m working on clearing clutter and other items sitting about my house. Including an assortment of excess pirate hats… In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, on September 19, I’ll be giving my readers a chance to get one of these babies in the mail. I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it, but it’s gonna happen. So, stay tuned!


  1. Okay, so what is going on with the captcha code///

  2. Oh, great, so now you start working right?

  3. I want the red one!!! And you looked smashing in that dress, my darling.

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