Mid Year Goals – Also Known as OMG, It’s July Already!

Hey, it’s six months into the new year… Ooops, it’s seven months into the new year.

And time to review the goals set back in January. Let’s see, where is that list…

Lose 30 pounds. Uh uh.

Declutter my clutterfied house. Uh uh.

Exercise every day. Uh uh.

Write every day. Well…no. I write a lot but I take days off and I don’t always work on the stuff I should be working on. I’m easily distracted by Facebook, blogging and e-mail. Very easily.

Oh! Look! A tweet!

Okay, back to the goals.

Have a wonderful time at the Romantic Times Booksellers Convention. Check! I did that! Meet my editors, publisher, fellow authors…not fall flat on my face… Check!

All right! Looking better!

Wander New York at the Romance Writers of American National Conference. Uh uh, didn’t happen. Finances and timing killed that one dead. Next year, Anaheim, I’m so there.

Not all is lost, I signed five book contracts… Hee, hee. I’m way ahead of my goals on that one! So, if you put all the uh uhs and the checks on a scale…? Well, I think I’m ahead of the game.

Before January, I’ll have the two remaining books of the Kraken’s Caribbean series out, The Chameleon Goggles and The Pirate Circus. And Something Different will join the Decadent Publishing One Night Stand series. (I can’t wait to see my One Night Stand cover and will be sharing it as soon as I have it! Promise!)

I’m starting this second half of the year with some new goals. I will lose weight and exercise. I’m one of the authors in the Ashley March Romance Biggest Winner weight loss challenge, so I have some real accountability on my side. This weekend, the husband bought a Kinect for our X-Box and a couple of exercise games (anyone know what is good? I’m leaning toward Zumba…)

I’d like to see at least two more contracts signed…maybe even three… I have a kick-ass urban fantasy and a scifi erotic romance on my computer and ideas for two more shorts, partly written.

In the next six months I’m going to continue my snail’s pace work on decluttering my house. And I want to learn how to sew. (I sorta know how to sew, but sorta don’t. I want to get rid of that ‘sorta’ part of the statement.)

What about you? Any half way through the year celebrations? Any new goals to meet before January?


  1. I’m not sure I want to look too closely at this. Right now I have one goal and that’s to write this new book in time to enter it in the Golden Heart contest. Right now, that’s not looking good.

    You, however, are kicking ass!

  2. I don’t know, seems to me you’re doing well with that! Getting closer all the time with this current WIP. Right now I’m at this strange space of not being certain of how to finish the year off…

    I certainly have a massive task ahead of me if I will just work on my Caribbean Spell series.

  3. I finished reading ‘The Kraken’s Mirror’ at the weekend, and can’t waait for the rest of the series.

    Meanwhile my goals to get done before January include writing and editing the rest of a collection of short stories, and polishing up at least one of the two novels I was aiming to get submitted somewhere this year.

  4. Exercise is the only easy one for me. I walk the hound every day. At least a mile. A quick mile. There’s no way in Hades, however, that I’d ever combine gaming with exercise. For me, the joy of gaming is sitting on my ass, killing things. Nothin’ movin’ but my fingers.

    My writing goals are rather tame compared to yours. Finish the sequel to The Music of Chaos, get it critiqued, revised and subbed to Decadent. Make progress on the steampunkish thing. (And one of these days, I’m going to open my email and find a pile of revisions from my Carina editor.)

    The house? It’s hopeless. Especially since we’re in the middle of a remodel.

  5. Stevie – So glad you liked it! I hope the second book will be out in the fall with the third out before Christmas… Making the trilogy a great holiday gift!

    I is a fab-o marketeer!

    Pat – With a greyhound, I imagine a mile isn’t quite enough… A pile of revisions is a good thing! (I think.)
    And yes, I surrendered today to the total clutterfest of my house. I want to move.

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