Musings on a Thursday Spent at Urgent Care

Husbands can be a real pain in the ass. Especially when it comes to when they aren’t feeling particularly well. Granted, waking up with a swollen, oozing right eye would put most men in a bad moood.


Cranky pants. Sure, it freaked me out and so I insisted on taking him to the urgent care and sticking with him (correcting the info he was giving the doctor because my man? He is a hyperbole spouting maniac when he’s not feeling top a’ the world.) (Actually, he’s like that most of the time.)

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, sticking with him as the doctor peers into his eyes, lifts his eyelid, puts in this bright yellow gunk, shines a light, washes the eye ball…and makes an appointment with an eye specialist for him.

We had time to go have lunch and walk the dog. Then back to the new eye doctor.

Wow, what a day!

Result…something foreign got into his eye last night. And his eye didn’t like it. It repelled the invader but still wasn’t happy about said invader being there, so it threw an allergic fit. He has eyedrops and was told to change his pillowcase, towel, washcloth… (all things I do regularly and don’t tell me I should do his also! He’s an adult, and he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself.)

Okay, I may be a bit cranky, too.

My Thursday…what a day!


  1. I Might suggest baby laundry soap , and check the eye for eye lashes have the issue of icky
    eyeballs, mine were due to tree pollen

  2. Yeah, William, they found an eyelash that was likely contributing to the problem…and it is possible a stray bit of pollen actually tried to set up housekeeping on his eye… This time of year the acacias drive my DH batty.

  3. An eyelash, huh? At least it wasn’t anything worse. Justin and I are always worried we’re going to get a bit of metal (hazard of making metal art) stuck in our eye. Sometimes, even with goggles, bits get in there.

    Anyway, I feel for him. Nothing worse than that “I’ve got something in my eye and I can’t find it” feeling.

  4. Well, the eyelash wasn’t helping matters, but it wasn’t just an eyelash! It was the mystery speck…evil, evil mystery speck of something nasty.

  5. So sorry you spent the day like this but glad he’s on the mend!

    And I’ll back you up – I don’t change up the hubby’s towels, etc either. He should be able to do that for himself! 🙂

  6. Glad to hear I’m not just a crank-assed bitch for saying he is a big boy and can do those things himself… My mom would shake her head at me and mutter something about how he works so hard…

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