Obsess Much?


We all do it. You know you do it. He does it, she does it. Everyone does it.

Obsession. Mania…getting this itch that cannot be ignored. Might be gardening, refusing to leave it as the sun goes down.

Just one more weed…oh, and that! I need to put mulch there… That branch needs to be trimmed… Wow, it’s getting dark!

I’ve done that. Granted, that was decades ago when my obsessions were actually productive.

There is the cleaner. I’ve never been one of those.

Must get the grout back to white! Where is my extra toothbrush?

Nope, never did that.

Now, my sis is an obsessive reader of series. She’s gotten to where she won’t start one unless she knows they are a) all completed or b) one she might not want to finish.

I understand that. Been there, done that. I’ve abandoned series because by the time the next one came out it’s been too long since I read the last and I don’t want to go back and read them all over again so I know what is going on. I generally don’t even start series anymore…I just can’t handle the commitment.

But I do get caught, now and then.

I spent the last month reading my own pirate adventure series. I didn’t realize it was bordering on an obsessive compulsion until the third night of staying up until 2am, reading. Last night, I finished and the relief that flew through me? Oh, sweet! Now I can do something else! (Did I mention I finished at 2am?)

(Yes, I know… What the heck? Your own stuff? You know what is going to happen!

Sorta. Been several years since I wrote them and been an adventure to rediscover what I did.

There are 29.5 books in this series. Most over 100k.)

Obsess much?

It’s so nice to have them read and now I can get on with my life.

How ‘bout you? What obsession has slipped into your routine and driven you mad until you finished? Polishing that silver? The quilt? Knitting? Sampling the entire menu at Chili’s?

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