Pirate Invasion!

Facebook Invasion

Welcome to the world of Captain Jake Reynard and his witch, Miranda. These two are the stars of my renamed series, Forever A Pirate. In honor of the release of the sixth book, as well as the new cover reveal for books 1-5… I’m taking over Facebook. All day, you’ll see scattered images of pirate things, all pointing to this page…

I love pirates, I think I always have. But I’m not a purist, give me the great Hollywood pirates and I’m content. More than content.

Forever A Pirate reflects my love of the long lasting life-of-adventure couple…as they struggle through personal conflicts and the difficulties of saving the world, facing down personal demons and discovering what they are capable of doing, together. I grew up on McMillan and Wife, Tommy and Tuppence, Tarzan and Jane… I like to follow one couple… So, be ye prepared. Forever A Pirate presently consists of 30 books. And one couple!

Meet Jake…pirate, thief, rogue, captain of the Moonstone. A born leader. A born liar. A man who knows his way around a woman, but likes to play. Never stays. Until Miranda. Once he hauls her out of the sea, he is struck. And the more he learns, the more he lingers.

Miranda! Time traveling sexual witch. Flung from her world by sorrows few could imagine, she can slide between the portals of time and space. But she never stays. She loves many, for she needs a lover’s touch to stay magically charged. No one had ever caught her heart. Until Jake.

When they met, it was magic. When they stand against adversity, they are fearless.

Forever A Pirate, books 1-6 available on Amazon. And a new title, every month. I promise!

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