Pirates on the Fringe!

It’s really the year of pirates…actually, probably the decade or the two decades… Yes, it’s a good time to be the writer of pirates!

Why do I say this? Well, I like movies, for example…and it’s been an interesting year for the mention of pirates. Alas, no phenomenal blockbusters…but there were a few interesting bits out there. Personally, I loved the books of Gideon Defoe. His take on pirates delighted me when I read the first of his books, Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists! in 2004.

Really brilliant take on the genre. A good bit of bizarre British humor, an odd mix of Benny Hill and Doctor Who. With pirates! I’ve read them all and when I saw the animated movie being released, I figured…what fun!

It was fun. It wasn’t brilliant. Turned too far toward the children market, it left behind the adult humor I adored. But! It was still pirates! Whoohoo!

Then I saw Ice Age IV, Continental Drift…and there they were! Pirates! A vicious ape captain, a saber second mate…and a goofy elephant seal who really stole the show as far as I was concerned. And one real warped rabit with a bloodlust to rival Captain Blackbeard…

Ah…where will I find pirates again! Always on the lookout…from the crowsnest where I type away at the further adventures from the Kraken’s Caribbean… Have you seen pirates on the horizon? Let me know!


  1. Looking great!

  2. Thanks, Pat! Like to switch things up now and then…

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