Yup, I’ve been sewing. Taking a sewing class, actually and managing to finish a project each week. I might do more if I didn’t have to bring them home due to running out of time in class and having to bring them home to my tempermental machine…

My first week? A skirt! Followed this week by pirate pantaloons… I have two shots of these because I needed to adjust the waistline and make them a bit less baggy.

I do have plans for my next project, which involves this fabric and a pattern for a cute little raglan sleeved bolero jacket…

I do have plans beyond sewing, stay tuned next week…release week for The Chameleon Goggles and a new contest!



  1. Awesomesauce. My 10yr old DD, the one who can actually USE a sewing machine, said,”FANCY!”

  2. Wow, really!? The pantaloons are really simple…something your 10 year old could probably manage. It’s a fun costume pattern. All very piratee… Simplicity.

  3. Hi Maureen,
    I like sewing and read blog posts on this topic. I am not able to do sewing due to heavy word load for online store. This is my first visit and comment on your blog post but eager to read more projects after sewing class. 🙂 Can you give me your Twitter handler so I am able to connect with you. Thanks for sharing. You looks awesome in 3 different one. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Hiren! I’m just my name on twitter. Nothing complicated…like my sewing projects!

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