Sewing Update!

I’m still in search of a new machine, but hope to bring a new one home before Thanksgiving. Right now I’m bouncing between a Janome MyStyle 100 and a Babylock Molly… Planning a trip to the store with fabric swatches in hand to practice… Meanwhile, class is over and I’m working some smaller projects.

I’m working on a shrug for a friend, handsewing the edges until I get the actual new machine. My old one would make hash of this project.

And! The terribly offensive zipper is gone from the plaid pirate coat! My Mom and I worked together to remove the zipper – bad, bad zipper – and it’s now replaced with nice little hooks!

And don’t it look great!

 Yup, I will be the toast of the RT Scottish Fairy Court, as I pay homage to the royals by replacing my purple pirate coat with this one.

For the night.

Maybe once or twice during the conference.

Now, I have a scrap of the fabric and I’m off next week to search out the perfect fabric to make matching pantaloons for it!


  1. Mom and I managed to fix this one!

  2. Nicely done! Huzzah for Mum’s help!

  3. Terri – She took off about two inches at the waist, the thing was a bag! And it was a size smaller than my purple one, which fit like a glove!

    *shaking head!

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