Six Sentence Sunday

From The Pirate Circus, currently under contract. Book Three of the Kraken’s Caribbean Trilogy

Captain Alan Silvestri eyed his rebellious great niece with calculation. He knew how this could work. If he pushed her too hard to conform and obey his rules, she might break away completely. On the other hand if he allowed the corner of his mouth to lift and reveal his amusement…ah, well…she might think
he laughed at her and bolt. Or she might figure out part of him found her actions admirable. Then she’d decide his rules were meant to be flaunted.


  1. Great six! Loved the indecision.

  2. Ooo… this will be interesting. Which will he choose? Great six!

  3. Thank you, Bonni – It’s the opening for the third book!

    Jane – Knowing Alan, he’ll find a way to choose all of them!

  4. Interesting six – love the way you’ve written his inner dialogue.

  5. Love how much that says about her character!

  6. He’s out of luck if he thinks he can in any way control how a young female relative will react to his manipulations, lol. Well done!

  7. Sounds like the Captain has his hands full! It also sounds like he has had plenty of experience with women and is a cautious man. This sounds like a fun read!

  8. Thanks everyone, it was a real joy to write this one and the niece in question? Ah, she is a real handful and her HEA will take another story. With luck The Pirate Circus will be out before Christmas.

    Sandy, yeah, Silvestri is an experienced man and certainly understands the need to rebel. He’s a pirate, afterall.

    Vivien, oh he knows he can’t control anything save his reactions. Which is why he’s being so careful!

    Laura – Lee Ridgeway proved a real challenge to write. I’m not a YA writer and she’s 17, but I hope I caught her character.

    Jennifer – Thanks!

    Liz – Silvestri plays a pivotal role in this book, and I do hope that by book three I’ve got him pegged fairly well. But he surprised me now and then.

    Marie – I’m finding six sentence Sunday quite rewarding! 😉

  9. I don’t envy the man; he’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t.

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