Six Sentence Sunday

From The Chameleon Goggles, due out in October from Decadent Publishing.

Damn, she hoped so. She needed to find Mama Lu to make sure the safeguards still worked. According to the local magic woman, the portals’ wardings kept anything that advanced from crossing over. A zeppelin, with all its toys and gadgets? That would tilt the balance of power crazily. Especially if it came from Novan as a precursor to an invasion.



  1. Very intriguing six. Loved it.

  2. LOVE STEAMPUNK!! Can’t wait!

  3. Seriously looking forward to this story.

  4. ‘Chameleon Goggles’ is such an interesting title it makes me curious about the story…

  5. Bonni – It’s a fun story!

    Katie – It’s a little bit steampunk, a little bit piratepunk… 😉

    Stevie – That is nice to hear!

    1000th.monkey – These goggles do something very interesting…

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