Six Sentence Sunday

From Something Different, coming soon from Decadent Publishing


He gazed at the woman waiting by the twenty-foot sailboat and blew out a held
breath Maria, what did you get me into?

One hand rose to touch the folded letter in the breast pocket of his blazer. He’d
read it many times, and the words never changed. He hadn’t known his wife had
started a correspondence with Madame Evangeline, who ran the 1NightStand business.
He’d have never allowed such an enterprise to make use of their hotels, but his
son, Jackson, assured him Madame wasn’t running a bordello.

Still, it rankled.


  1. Oooo!!!! A madam and a hotel? LOVE IT!


  2. Angelan – True, but Madame Eve doesn’t see herself as a madam. More like a matchmaker of the intimate. And she’s very good!

    Taryn – I hope so! Not sure when it will be out, but I think pretty soon…

  3. Interesting… and great name! 1NightStand

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