Six Sentence Sunday

From The Chameleon Goggles, out on October 20th!

Personally, she figured the only way the little guy could have ended up in the pond, a good two miles up a mountain from the ocean, was through the machinations of the Albino Kraken. It didn’t stand to reason that danger threatened Nemo. He’d probably been magicked here for a reason, and if not, she enjoyed having a pet. Even one so unorthodox.

Intelligent and powerful didn’t go far enough in describing the Albino Kraken who’d brought her here from the twenty-first century. She bet getting one of his young up to their pond didn’t tax the monster in the least.


  1. Thanks, ladies…

    That’s the Kraken…a most singular beast!

  2. Very intriguing! Congrats on your upcoming release!

  3. Very intriguing! Looking forward to more. 🙂

  4. Jessica – It’s getting pretty exciting!

    Vivien – I find cephalopods very intriguing, but that may just be me… 😉

  5. Tiny Kraken named Nemo? My kid wants two! Very original!

  6. I’ll tell you, Emily… My Emily, being from this time, finds humor in odd places. And naming a little orange kraken Nemo is just one way she enjoys herself!


  7. An albino kraken?!?!



  8. You bet! Hey, humans turn grey as they age…only the oldest and wisest of the kraken are albinos… 😉

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