Sleep? Why Have You Left Me?

Yes, a writer’s lament. Well, likely a lament many people erupt with in our modern times. So many things to worry about, tossing and turning as the long hours of the night tick-tock away.

I’m really tired of sleep skipping, as I term it.

You know how people skip stones across a lake? Well, that is how I don’t sleep. I skip across the surface of sleeping. A record amount of skipping… with very little sinking into the still, nurturing depths of actual sleep.

Night after night. Unless I succumb to the sleeping pill. Something I am loath to do.

What keeps me awake? Sure, I’m thinking of stuff…promotions, the new book, the old book, the present work in progress… How cluttered my house is. How out of control my yard is. The new sewing project. What I’d do if I won the lottery (hint, hire people to declutter my house and do the yardwork rate wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay up there.)

But night after night, these meanderings wander away and instead I lay there, wondering why I’m not falling asleep.

Yes, I could sleep in. If I my body didn’t throw me out of bed with aches in the morning. Hips. Man, my hips just scream at me that they can’t stand another minute, get the hell out of bed!

They win. I get out of bed.

To face another night of skip sleeping…


Any suggestions?


  1. Warm milk and meditating. Or you could just sleep during the day when you are completely exhausted and just stay up all night watching the extras on movies you’ve seen a million times…(I personally go for the meds, cause late at night is when I get the worst panic attacks)

  2. I do have guided meditations on my iPod…I have to remember to get them out and use them. I’ll try tonight.

    I’m lucky, I don’t get panic attacks at night. I just get depressed at the lack of good solid sleep. I used to get a great deal of ideas from dreaming, but without solid sleep, the dreams aren’t dancing with me.

    I’ve never been a nap person, but I’m beginning to think I need to develop the habit…


  3. I’ve found it’s not so much napping, as it is dropping from sheer exhaustion.

  4. Well, maybe I should try midafternoon meditation. I’ve been putting the computer away an hour before bedtime…

  5. Okay. My granny would recommend: rinse your hair with lavender water, drink a cup of dandelion tea, and eat a peppermint before laying down. Can’t hurt, might help. = )

  6. I’ll be willing to try the tea and eating a peppermint. Can’t handle the scent of lavender though. Had a massage with an over-enthusiastic masseuse who was a bit heavy handed with lavender oil once…

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