That New Car Thing


I have a new car. Yup. Scariest thing around, buying a new car. Well, scary for my husband and I. We just are not people who like to negotiate.

I think there are two types of people. Those who want approval and smile, nodding and find themselves with warranties they don’t need, feeling approval washing over them from the salesperson.

And those who like to pretend they are on the verge of walking out.

The DH and I fall into the first category. Which we know and is why we hate doing things like this.

But we had to. Leaving for RomCon on the 19th, driving from California to Denver, we needed something reliable. Something that wouldn’t leave me tied up in knots from too many hours in a car that doesn’t like my back…etc.

DH just got a raise, we figured we could spend it on a car payment.

And lo and behold, we got the sweetest sales guy. No pressure. A sales manager who left the bigger dealerships because of the quotas…and it was the most painless experience we’ve ever had.

Now, we have a new Kia Soul, alien green in color. It’s fun. It’s comfortable, my back likes it. The dog thinks it’s pretty cool… The gangs liked it so much they tagged it the day I bought it. (sigh)

I’m going to be totally paranoid about it now.

Here it is!

So, I need a name for her. I’m thinking of simply calling her the Alien. Or there is the name of the witch from Wicked, Elphaba. Or something from my Kraken series…Little Krakey? I could call her Slimer. Or…Ivy. (I have a character named Ivy in my UF, currently on submission.) Poison? Mini Hulk? The Pickle!?

“The Pickle and I are taking the dog out…”

I sorta like that!


  1. I like Ivy, but Mini Hulk is cute too. Just can’t see that cute little thing getting angry. LOL! You could name it Paul, or ET, or Mary (for martian.)

  2. That should be MarTy for martian. Saw it right after I hit submit.

  3. Well, me and pickels go way back…my main comfort food when I was growing up. I always had one in my hand… But since I just put a Cthulhu label on her…she must be Pickles, the Souleater..

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