The Hat Wins!

I spent the second weekend of November in New Jersey, attending PhilCon. The oldest scifi/fantasy convention in the US. And as far as I know, anywhere else.

I had a very good time, and sat on many a fun and fascinating panel. And I came in second on the hilarious contest of which character makes a book a winner… Pirate/Ninja/Steampunk/Dragon.

I know now, I really needed to pull out the Pirate Mad Libs book, but I plain forgot. That, and a bottle of rum might have done it. And maybe an issue of Pyrate Magazine.

But Steampunk, represented by Savan Gupta, was impossible to beat.

I did, however, bring home a costume ribbon! Well, my hat did. I was but a prop to show off the hat…


Maybe next year, the hat and I can manage a ribbon together…

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