Tortuga Grows!

Let’s eavesdrop on Emily and Bosun Janey as they discuss the portals which bring the strange and unusual to the shores of Tortuga…

The Chameleon Goggles excerpt

“… I’m slowly getting used to spotting odd things out on the street. The portals apparently have no filters.” Emily contemplated the man she’d seen riding a unicycle earlier. That was strange!

“Course they do. Machine guns don’t slide through. Or flame throwers. They actually do a good job of keeping the arms race down to something basic.” Janey shuddered. “Imagine a grenade launcher or a laser rifle in the Caribbean of the 1690s!”

“They had laser rifles where you came from?” Emily considered the congenial bosun. Janey must come from a more advanced world than hers. The thought gave her ego a good shove overboard. Emily shook her head. She knew better than to make assumptions about anything in the Kraken’s Caribbean.

“Yeah, very basic, but in production. The world had begun hurtling to hell by the time I found a portal and slipped through.” Janey grinned, lifting an eyebrow. “Much prefer the way things are here!”

“Yeah.” Emily directed her eyes out to the sparkling water of the bay, thinking about her new husband. “Me, too. I do see things on the streets that I don’t recognize. One of the clerks at the mercantile opened what I thought was an umbrella and instead, it spun yarn. At least, I think it was yarn. You’re right. No weapons. Maybe that’s why the zeppelin disappeared.”

“Ah, it may have carried missiles or something nastier.” Janey nodded. “That would bother Jezzie. She likes things the way they are.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind a pizzeria opening up on the main street. Or a Baskin Robbins for ice cream!” Emily rolled her eyes upward and licked her lips.

“Oh, shit. Me, too!” Janey agreed and changed the subject to things they’d fancy showing up on Tortuga’s streets.


Ice cream? I think Emily has a great idea. And pizza! I may have to see about making those additions to the Tortuga Chambarrr of Commerce…

So, what do you want to see for sale on Tortuga? I have a lot of empty buildings and the Kraken Chronicles is willing to put up advertising for pretty much anything!

I have a good friend who is a tattoo artist and made her my test subject, with her permission. Together we designed a business sign for her new Tortugan tattoo shop. See?


What is already there? A hat shop. A tattoo shop. A better than a dive, The Raven. A party bar, The Barmy Cock. Blessings House of Pleasure is all about spending the night with a likely lass or lad… Come on, folks…

Every month, I’ll feature a new business in the newsletter. The Kraken Chronicle… Haven’t seen the newsletter? Well, check it out!

And start making suggestions! The next newsletter comes out on the 21of December. I’ll make a list and do my best to use ‘em all!



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