Well, been a busy month! I keep addin’ ta the Bag o’ Swag at the Brenda Novak Auction. That satchel is gonna be burstin’ at the gills by the time I be done loadin’ it with piratee goodness. I hope you’ve taken a look at it, and if it be too rich fer yer blood, then take a gander at the many fine bits at the auction. The cause be good!

Here Be Swag!

Here Be Swag!

Meanwhile, I be workin’ hard at settin’ up the print run a’ me debut series, A Caribbean Spell. And now I be waitin’ me first shipment! Should also go on sale at Amazon by the end of May. So, if ya be hankerin’ to read the book in print…yer patience is payin’ off.

A Caribbean Spell, Betita, 72

I’ll be doing some giveaways at Goodreads and settin’ the e-book on sale fer a limited time as the second book in the series, Red Sean’s Revenge comes available…

Sean's Revenge, ver 2, revised2

If’n ya be in northern California, keep a weather’d eye out fer me at the Northern California Pirate Festival, where I will be wanderin’ with copies of the new book, lookin’ ta bribe the populace inta posin’ with the book in exchange fer shiny buttons…

I gots a plan!

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