What I Learned From the 2013 America’s Cup

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Now, on with the regular blog…thought I do want to let fans of the Kraken know that his continuing adventures with his captive humans in Washington DC will be available, next week…

NOW! On with the blog!

Yes, what I learned from watching Oracle Racing come back from an 8/1 deficate to keep the American’s Cup in America…

America's Cup

1) Being down by 8 losses, when only one more loss means you really lost…doesn’t mean a thing
2) Tweak, tweak, tweak
3) Adversity at the start is just one more challenge to rise above (start with a two point deficient)

There is more, I’m sure, but wow, watching the Cup race, even when on vacation, was something to behold. I admit, I’m a total coward and when we left California, it already looked really bad for the home team and I didn’t have the heart to watch much. I knew one more loss and that cup was heading for New Zealand.

But my husband? He is ever the optimist and he had faith in Larry Ellison – yes, the man is the devil, but he’s our devil – so he watched. I’d sit on our hotel bed, reading, while my husband strapped earbuds on and found the race online so he could watch.

And they kept winning. Three in a row. After losing seven…then the lost another and one more meant the cup belonged to the Kiwis. But that was the last time they lost…

Everynight, they’d disappear into their boat yard and tweak, and review film and drill and…they kept getting faster. And sometimes it was just a break that saved their asses, but in the end, they were simply the faster boat. They hung in there. They didn’t give up and the cup is still in America’s hand.

And I feel very buoyed. I think Team Oracle needed a little Dori painted on their boat… Just keep sailing… Just keep sailing…

So, I’ll just keep writing…and I’ll just keep publishing…


  1. I have to admit I was shocked when I found out the Oracle team won. I’d already written them off long ago, and assumed the America’s Cup was over. Yes, the lesson is 1) never give up, and 2) maybe listen to the news reports more often???

    Glad you’re back from DC and posting again. Do give us more updates on the kraken’s adventures–his takeover of the capital was epic!


  2. Yeah, Barb…I couldn’t watch it. I just assumed they were gonna lose…that was an epic comeback!

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