For a limited time, A Caribbean Spell, book one of my new series, is .99 at Amazon! But take advantage of the deal fast! I’m taking part in the new Amazon promotion, called the Kindle Countdown Deal… the ebook will be 99 cents for three days, then 1.99 for two days, then 2.99 for two days…then back to full price! Which isn’t really all that much at 3.99. Click on the image to purchase!

A Caribbean Spell, Betita, SM100x150

Why am I doing this? Because come December 4, the fourth book in the series will be available. Magic’s Hostage…where Miranda finds that Jake was right. She needed to be more careful regarding her magical abilities. Now, she’s in trouble, at the mercy of those who want to use her magic. And will do anything to force the issue…

Magic s Hostage, med size, low res

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