Morning of a New Day in a New Year

2014 themeWow.

Can I say I’m not too distressed to leave 2013 behind. There were a lot of good things, but in summation, it was a very frustrating year. Not enough ups to balance the downs.

But this year should be better. I’m not shooting for fabulous. Just…better.

I have no resolutions this year, though I may toss that word around a bit. I am working on being more emotionally reactive. I know that must sound odd, but I’m talking about letting the reserve fall away. Cry at movies. Make faces at the camera…that sort of thing. I have an overabundance of fear when it comes to looking like a fool. (Wouldn’t know it to see the pics I post on Facebook, I know.) But it’s harder in person to let go and be a goof. Or show emotions at movies, concerts, etc.

I figure January will be a good testing ground. I have tickets to see Analuna by Cirqu de Solei in a few weeks. I want to let tears trickle and not hold back. I see something beautiful enough to bring me to tears, I’m gonna cry.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” did that to me. Wanted to just take a deep breath and not fear the tears, but I kept control.


It’s a wonderful movie. Everyone should go see it. Beautifully filmed, wonderful message… Live life.

So, Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s live life! Let’s celebrate! Let’s remove our masks and be genuine this year!

I’ll keep publishing my Caribbean Spell books, I’ll reissue my Kraken’s Caribbean books. I promise a new Kraken’s Caribbean book – finally telling what happens to Lee when the Kraken’s promise comes true. I’ll record the further adventure of Holmes and Jenny as they fly through time and space… And keep writing!

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