The Blog Tour for Lorelei’s Song


I promised to write up a blog on the upcoming blog tour for Lorelei’s Song and here it is. I’m a witty blogger, answer questions sincerely and here and there, we’re giving a copy away.

Lorelei’s Song is my answer to the Adams Family, ala Tim Burton and H. P. Lovecraft. I tell you what I’d really like to do is start a series of stories about the town. Where monsters create a home and if a tourist is a nuisance, the monsters might eat them.

I live in a tourist town, I dream about this stuff every summer… So, with Lorelei’s Song I’m venting and dreaming about something I daydream about…

Join me! I’ll be at

Paranormal Romantics on July 9th

It’s Cocktails and Books on July 14th

I’ll be sparkling at We Love Kink on July 24th

I’ll be chatting with Ramblings From This Chick on July 26th

There is also a spot coming up on Sensuous Promos but I don’t have a date yet.

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