Comment of Week Four!

Firstly, let me say this has been a wonderful contest. I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s postings and the immagination shown has been so impressive!

This week, the outstanding comment came from Aurette!

Like many of us, the Kraken was feeling the pinch of a sluggish economy, and he decided that he needed to get a second job. He went to the local newspaper, seeking a pressman position, because he had experience slinging ink. There, he learned that print is dead, because more people are getting their news and coupons online. So, the Kraken acquired a Sony eReader and started using it to read the want ads.

After a few days of job hunting, the Kraken was hired as a barista for an upscale coffee bar and internet café. When he wasn’t pouring double half caff lattecinos, he was learning about this wondrous tool called the world wide web. He set up an email account and soon found himself inundated with wonderful opportunities.

The Kraken studied all the offers and finally, one particular story really tugged on his heartstrings. He knew he had to help this poor widow escape from Nigeria to freedom in America, and if she chose to reward his goodheartedness monetarily, well, who was he to refuse her the chance to give back.

He carefully followed the widow’s instructions about the wire transfer of funds, then he scurried to the airport to await her arrival.

Days later, he was still waiting, and an airport staff member asked if he was all right. The Kraken told his story, expecting to be given hope or at least sympathy. Instead, the airport staff member just laughed hysterically and kept saying, “Sucker!” over and over again.

Sadly, the Kraken trudged away, never knowing what the staff member found so funny about his tentacles.

Get it? Sucker? “Cause he’s an octopus and he has suckers on his tentacles and also he fell for a common scam?! Hardy har har.


What does Aurette win? A lovely little kraken pendent I picked up at BayCon today!

Meantime, keep commenting! Three days left to enter the contest… Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! Last chance to  tell me where you’ve seen the kraken and maybe win something wonderful. A Sony Pocket e-reader, a kraken parasol and a Betsy Johnson octopus ring are all up for grabs.

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  1. I’ve loved reading all the ideas for where your Kraken is off to. Very fun contest!

    This week I think the kraken is off making merry troubles for some not so good pirates – not out crew – but some dasterdly scurvies who need to be shown how to right their wrongs – just the sort of job the kraken loves!

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