Dear Judi,

I just heard, Judi. And my heart is heavy with loss. I knew you were struggling and I sensed I wouldn’t be seeing you again. I know you are with Rudy now and he is dancing about your feet, anxious to show you all the wonders of heaven.

Now your back no longer hurts, your knees will let you dance and as he leads you through the green grass and up hills and through the trees, there will be no pain.

Oh, how I will miss you. Hearing your laughter at the Romantic Times Convention, that wonderful tilted eye and crooked smile…my heart aches at the memory of that expression on your face as you asked about ‘humping fairies?’ …

Thank you for all the encouragement, the mentorship, the love and support. I promise to do my best to live up to your example and dedicate myself to honoring you.

All my love, Maureen


  1. A lovely, fitting tribute to an amazing lady. She’ll be smiling down on this one, Maureen. As soon as she and Rudi take a break. 🙂

    Hugs to you!

  2. She can bend and play with Rudi and the back pain is gone, Willie. And you know he’s just spinning about in joy at seeing her again.

  3. Lovely tribute Maureen.

    Farewell, Judi

  4. How could I have forgotten all about the “humping fairies”? Lol, thanks for making me laugh through my tears. *hugs*

  5. Remember the look on her face, Missy? That became the catch phrase of Pittsburgh!

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