Six Sentence Sunday

Sorry, little late today!

From The Chameleon Goggles, release date of October 20!

“Nice boy, yeah. Big, wow, you’re so big. I bet all the lady wolves
quiver when you trot by….” she babbled. “Unless you’re a lady….” She glanced
down but couldn’t tell the gender. “Ah, whatever you are, I’m sure the whole
pack thinks you’re fabulous. But really, eating me would be a bad idea because,
my husband would be quite upset….” The predator took one step toward her, a
long tongue licked around his mouth, then panted again.


  1. Boy, you can feel the fear rolling off the page. I just wonder if it’s a wolf or something else. Great six!

  2. *snicker

    Boy, have I got you fooled, Jenna! 😉

  3. Fun six! Maybe she ought to bop the predator on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. LOL.

  4. Who know, she might, Cara!

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