Educating Myself

I am addicted to taking classes. For the last several years, I’ve managed to tame this addiction and restrain myself from signing up at my local junior college or adult education, extension classes, etc. I just wanted to take some time to actually use all the learning I’ve been absorbing since leaving high school.

Ahem, quite a long time ago.

I dithered about in the California junior college system for a lotta years. Took me about ten+ years to finally discover I was one class away from a degree in Language and Literature. (I played with what I signed up for. If it sounded interesting, I took it. Never had a goal in mind.) I buckled down, took that algebra course (shudder) and did well.

Liked the teacher so much I took the next one. And I got the degree. I started another degree, in Desktop Publishing but bailed when I realized if I actually took on website design for a living I’d have to continually update my software/hardware and have to work with customers.

Not for me. But I learned a lot!

Now, I’m at a different place in my life and I’d like to learn how to cook healthy food. (Yes, I’m in my 50s and never really managed to learn these things. Shrug!)

My first thought was… “My local JC! I bet they have some courses!”


They have courses all right! – From Bean to Bar: How to Make Your Own Chocolate. Festive Candy Making. Sumptuous Galettes. French Pastry Basics. Italian Flat Breaks. Morning Pastries. – Cheese, Beer, Wine. Yup, all sorts of fun and heavy food.

Things that sound delicious but offer me little when it comes to battling my hereditary tendencies toward high cholesterol and high blood sugar. And to carry excess weight.

So, where are the classes for healthy eating!? This is California! Land of nuts and berry eaters! Tofu and wheat grass!

I’d like something basic. Something that plains cooking terms to me…and even stuff like how to not pick the nectarines that aren’t ripe in the store. (My specialty.)

On the bright side, I did find a sewing class I signed up for!

Any cooks out there know a good basic how-to-cook without twelve herbs/spices/things I’ll never use again cookbook? Or maybe a DVD class? I learn best with my eyes…

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